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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

All about him

Once you have feelings for someone,
those feelings will always be there.
You may not like them anymore, but you'll still care.
Yes, I do. How about you?
always pretend like i don't care, yet I do.

can you tell me once again?
just tell me. 
either message or blog.
let me heart dead :\

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Good Luck you guys..
who having STPM.
from my bottom of my heart
i wish you all
STPM good luck

sisi. / doreen :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010












Monday, October 18, 2010

memories ,3

almost 1 year
didn't update it..
it important than ever..
i miss the movement
we alongwe sang
we slept
we played
we fallthe last
and only ONE

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

jamuan 5 cekap 2009

hello...long time no update ya...all my reader~!!


today is ours class jamuan~~~
last year...
just qing , mean , jeen , ane didn't come school..
i think...they ..will regret gua...

cause...i think we almost take1000+ photo..
and some of my friends bring 2 camera, capture until...( right ) , memory full!!and no battery~~

spm is coming soon..
but..i think...half of mood study~? and me =p

it our present to teacher...

written by

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

hari pengiktirafan kokurikulum

ok...Since SO LONGGGGG dy nobody come here to update the mari letak benda baru~hahahaha...

As the tittle said...2day is pengiktirafan kokurikulum...guess where we hv this majlis?

its held at our kantin!!!!u knw wat they name the kantin??? AFZAN CAFE(ohya....they add a stage infront there to hide the dirty ugly aquarium)...walao...ppl cafe got aircorn or hv many fans...BUT....OUR canteen is HOT like hell....!!!!ish....saya rela they held at dewan dy...

then the majlis start...ofcuz sure will many BIG PPL gv speech~1stly...Our Pengetua~her speech is...quite long enough...we jz waiting her to say 'sekarang majlis pengiktirafan dimulakan....blah blah blah'
Then we hv OUR LUNCH at there....i can tell u!!the food are SUCKS!!!!lalat sini ada sana ada...somemore the watermelon own their owner!which is nyamuk n lalat!!!OMG.......geli......i ate little bit rice n 1 chicken dramstic....n...the sirap water a plan water!!!no taste at all...worse~
Soon later is Pn Foong turn to gv speech...fortunately i sit very far from the stage so...i duno wat she said...but after the majlis end...i heard my fren tell me tat Pn Foong cry...duno wat wat wat...aiks....

At last...the pengiktirafan started....n...take a long time...i already guess tat we wont go back on time...N tat is the true...we late duno how many minutes...haha....

P/S: soon later will upload photo~


Saturday, September 26, 2009

holidayz friendsz..
how was yours holidayz?
when want make a gathering yc for ours last day celebrating holidayz.? hahaz

i don't know need write what le~?
just wish you all..
happy hari raya~happy holiday~and happy reopen school soon =)

miss you guy..
miss the fact that we need to take the trial result


- sisi aka cc -

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Slammat Hairy Rayer

hey peeps!

its a loooong time since i blog here. lol. so anywayyys. HAPPY HOLIDAY!! we have one week of break(just deny the part we still have to go for tutions). Hahahahahahhaha (: oh yeah,thanks doreen for putting up my most creative photo during trials and a million thanks to Pn.Lee-the great photographer. lol. seems like i was overpraising her. Hahahha! never mind that.

tomorrow's first day of raya. eh class, lets head to Nina's house. evryone get invited i'm sure? remember the party(open house laa) starts at 12 noon which means we will be having lunch. so go with a empty stomach. lets camwhore and party till we drop! sounds good right? Hahaha! sorry laa.. i'm feeling very happy now and i do hope you are happy that i am (:
Yours truly, suyi (:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy RAya

HOHOHO....GOOD NEWS 4 ALL VC classs students!!!we having HOLIDAYS 4 1 WEEkkkk!!!!yahooo!!!!

n 2day we finiSh OUr stupid exam DY...yea!!!!

*throw bookssss*

sky aka cappucino!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

what WE do in EXAM




- by sisi aka cc -